Home sweet home walkthrough

home sweet home walkthrough

The main goal in Home Sweet Home is to decorate a clients' homes to their specifications, by deciphering clues and riddles that they give you. Travel back to Nuka-Town USA to speak to Shank who will lead you on a series of quests to capture settlements in the Commonwealth. You will. This official Delicious Emilys Home Sweet Home walkthrough guide contains cheats, tips and tricks for getting all trophies, diamonds and other  ‎ Basic Gameplay · ‎ Walkthrough and · ‎ Restaurant One: EMILY'S. About CGG Contact Us About Us Ad Inventory Privacy Policy Careers. Customer patience is measured in hearts; a customer will leave when they drop to zero hearts. Photo opportunities occur in the following levels:. Between the grill and the ribs 8. The happier the customer, the bigger the 3 gewinnt t-online. Left side of the counter in the flower pot 9. Billy Junior is available to entertain .

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Home Sweet Home Gameplay - Demo Walkthrough (Horror Game 2017) (No Commentary) Emily works slower as the day progresses. Eating the meat beside the grill Atop the mantle Near the juice and toppings Second tier of the sweets tray Before customers start to order, you can simply add these items to your tray and immediately remove them to count toward your goal. On the map for Happy Funtime Land, you can click on the air plane near level On each level you will receive a client riddle. When it is done, the sizzling will stop. Sometimes it is better if two or more workers work together on certain items such as the floors and walls and big items like windows, as these items take a while before they are completed. You will earn a trophy the Little Golden Camera for capturing all the Photo Moments. Combos can also occur when using the cash register. Left side of the counter in the flower pot 9. Inside the soup maker There are 60 regular levels, and 30 additional challenge levels. Finish the level with all products fully stocked. Top left side of the Talon Lake sign Photo opportunities occur in the following levels:. On each level you will receive a client riddle. On top of the pancake batter home sweet home walkthrough

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